©2019 all rights reserved APOF - a piece of favorite


APOF is an international brand and works as an umbrella

for a project range covering clothing and accessories and everything

in between.

The brand is created by the sisters Hviid, Kathrine and Frederikke, both graduates from the Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts, and both previously co - founders of Miniature children wear and WHIITE, women’s fashion wear brand.  


APOF - ”a piece of favorite” - is based on the idea of creating the favorites that we all have in our closets. The pieces that we love to wear forever. 

We create small, unique projects and collections that are well thought out and always carefully processed. The projects are connected by the strong DNA of APOF with a recognizable design line, humor and quality. 

Production is placed in Europe mainly in Italy and Portugal where we can produce smaller quantities and preserve a close cooperation around design and quality with the manufacturers.


The APOF universe gives the wardrobe a personal kick. The collection creates an individual accent to the the favorite outfit.


The silhouettes are simple and stylish. You can choose between timeless prints or follow the whims of a trend in color or graphics here and now.  


The most significant aspects of APOF is the focus on limited project editions where the styles are designed for everyday use as well as special occasions. 

We believe in longlasting favorites.